“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves…” – Rainer Maria Rilke


During times of transition and loss we become psychologically out of balance. Feelings of uneasiness may result in difficulty sleeping, and you may find yourself without energy or purpose. Fear may get in the way of being all you want to be. You may find yourself angry without warning or explanation. You may be doing things the way you have always done them, instead of being truly engaged and finding new vitality in your life. If you are confused about what direction your life might be headed, your symptoms may be offering you an opportunity for constructive growth. I can help you find purpose and meaning in your struggles, which will bring back your liveliness and spontaneity.

My patients have come from all walks of life and circumstances, and I have certain specialty areas that might uniquely relate to you. Are you looking for a deeper experience than ordinary counseling? Are you in the helping professions yourself and perhaps familiar with Jungian analysis? Are you feeling stagnant and uninspired in mid-life or beyond and trying to ignite your creative spark? Have you been in recovery for years and are now seeking to individualize your work? Perhaps you are an aspiring writer, artist, actor or working in the arts and want to keep your channels open to inspire your craft. Often people entering analysis are high-functioning and seeking a deeper sense of meaning and self-awareness.

Our relationship will be based on the mutual respect, genuineness, and trust which have been the foundation of my work with clients for more than thirty five years. To provide the individualized personal attention you deserve, I limit the number of my clients, give you a full hour and I take some time between appointments for reflecting. My office is quiet, private and comfortable.


Anxiety | Depression | Relationships | Mid-Life Transitions | Substance Abuse | Trauma and Abuse


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