“…and I think of each life as a flower, as common as a field daisy, and as singular…” – Mary  Oliver


Each of us has an inner voice that comes from our center and guides us. Coming to terms with that voice generally begins with a wounding of your personality. Psychoanalysis can help orient you to listening to that voice which can lead toward finding your individual place and purpose.

Other approaches to therapy tend to see our symptoms as sickness. Jungian analysis sees those symptoms as signposts to lead you. Analytical psychology values the individual’s uniqueness. Discovering the possible meanings and purpose of a problem requires a commitment and time. Depth psychology, as analysis is sometimes called, and spiritual development require a learned capacity to manage anxiety and ambiguity. Working with an analyst to accompany you in an exploration of your depths is like deep sea diving with an experienced guide. This form of treatment has been proven to have more lasting effects.

The holistic approach of analysis is a creative way to listen with more than your ears and see with more than your eyes. In each of us, there is a person we do not know. The way to approach the unknown is through our dreams, fantasies, relationships and art.


Carl Jung